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SoLaTiDo Inc. is an early stage start up, concentrating on the human factors that influence the potential of mobile devices to become as useful and productive as personal computers.

Gia Nikolova is a passionate product igniter. Her enthusiasm and drive are the necessary ingredients for driving product development to achieve market growth through focusing on maximizing the value for the customer.

When she is not building software for the IoT, Gia can often be  found feeding her curiosity for VR/AR products & trends, often mingling with the entrepreneur & start-up crowd. She has helped friends’ companies with their go-to-market & growth strategies - it simply brings happiness and feels personal when part of helping others succeed. Gia loves competitive sports and outdoor adventures – and that’s where most innovative ideas are born.

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Tom Sherlock has been designing industrial and consumer products for thirty years. He was part of the design team that created the first battery powered laptop computer and did the mechanical designs for the power supply transformers and rectifier units for the multi terawatt Shiva Laser Fusion Experiment at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. He is named inventor on two pending U.S. and international patent applications relating to the ergonomic keyboard this product is based on, one issued U.S. patent on this device, and nine issued U.S. patents that include sports equipment, biotech, mechanisms, solar heat pumps, and petrochemical testing.

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Gwen Fuller:
Marketing Director